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BBQ & Grill offers a fantastic selection of culinary items from Hand-cut and seasoned Certified Angus Beef steaks grilled over live oak fire, slow roasted and grilled to-order BBQ Chicken, Beef & Pork Baby Back ribs. Our fish is always hand packed on ice; never frozen. Looking for fresh and lean cuisine? Sample our Quinoa or Kale salads. But don't worry. we don't cater to adults only; we offer most of our more popular dishes in portions for the little ones on our Kids Menu. We also feature a 'zero' trans fat-free menu.

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Catering Menu:

Fire Pit
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Fire Grill Jerk Chicken $13.99 / Dish
Fire Grill Jerk Pork $13.99 / Dish
Slow Grill BBQ Pull Pork $9.99 On Bun/fries
Slow Grill Jerk Pull Pork $9.99 / Dish
BBQ Ribs $16.99 / Dish
BBQ Steak $18.00 / Dish
Subtotal on category "Fire Pit" : $
Off the Grill
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Curry Goat $14.00 / Dish
Curry Coconut Shrimp $15.99 / Dish
Curry Chicken $13.99 / Dish
Oxtail $16.00 / Dish
Pepper Steak $18.00 / Dish
Steam Fish and Crackers $16.00 / Dish
Fried Fish $16.00 / Dish
Subtotal on category "Off the Grill" : $
Paradise Lite
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Burgers $7.99 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Wings (Nine flavours) $10.00 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Jamaican Patties $4.00 / Dish
Jerk Chicken Salad $7.99 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Subtotal on category "Paradise Lite" : $
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Rice and Beans/Steam Rice $3.00 / Dish
Fries $4.00 / Dish
Potatoes $3.00 / Dish
Salad $5.99 / Dish
Coleshaw $3.00 / Dish
Bake Beans $3.00 / Dish
Subtotal on category "Sides" : $
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TOLL FREE: 1-888-605-0488