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Our Lil Jerk History

Jamaican Jerk was historically derived from many different settlement cultures, including British, Dutch, French, Spanish, East Indian, West African, Portuguese, and Chinese. The origin of Jamaican Jerk Pork, for instance, dates back to the pre-slavery days of the Coromantee hunters of West Africa through the Maroons around 1655 which the Jamaican slaves escaped from the British empire.

There are a few theories of how "Jerk" came to be. Some say it's from the Spanish word Charqui (dried meat) which developed over time to Jerky and finally Jerk. Others have said it's derived from poking "jerking" holes into the meats prior to cooking. Nowadays, Jerk is used as seasonings and a cooking process of fine Jamaican meats.

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Catering Services

From a wedding reception to a company party, we listens to your needs for your events and make them a reality. With the highest standards in dining and service, we will work with you to bring your event to life. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, our lives are filled with special moments to be celebrated. Whether you are looking for an hors d oeuvre reception, brunch, buffet dinner, or delivered platters, we can meet your needs. "Edmonton's Jamaican Food Catering."


Our Irresistible Jerk Chicken

The chicken is marinated overnight with a thick aromatic paste made up of various spices. Then it is slowly smoked for several hours under a grill until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.


Jerk Pull Pork

A spicy and savory jerk marinated pulled pork comprised of the similar spices slow cooked to perfection.


Chef's Special

Over the years Owen has perfected his famous Fire Grill Jerk Chicken, Taste it for more details.

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