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Catering to your needs in Edmonton, we provide full service catering with a variety of options. Let us know your tastes and preferences, and we tailor the menu to you. We can provide hors d'oeuvres and plated appetizers, buffets with char-grilled and curried dishes, Jamaican curry goat cooked to perfection in an authentic jamaican stew pot, or Jamaican patties for all of your catering needs. Let us know about special dietary requirements so that we can create a menu which caters to them. We are also able to customize orders and have our chefs prepare your food from scratch if you have any fears of pre-made containers or ingredients coming in contact with other foods.

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Catering Menu:

Fire Pit
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Fire Grill Jerk Chicken $13.99 / Dish
Fire Grill Jerk Pork $13.99 / Dish
Slow Grill BBQ Pull Pork $9.99 On Bun/fries
Slow Grill Jerk Pull Pork $9.99 / Dish
Subtotal on category "Fire Pit" : $
Off the Grill
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Curry Goat $18.00 / Dish
Curry Coconut Shrimp $15.99 / Dish
Curry Chicken $13.99 / Dish
BBQ Chicken $14.00 / Dish
Jerk Chicken $14.00 / Dish
Jerk Pork $14.00 / Dish
Steam Fish and Crackers $19.95.00 / Dish
Fried Fish $18.00 / Dish
Curry Shrimp $18.00 / Dish
Subtotal on category "Off the Grill" : $
Paradise Lite
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Burgers $10.00 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Wings (Nine flavours) $10.00 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Jamaican Patties $4.00 / Dish
Jerk Chicken Salad $9.99 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Fried Dumplings/Festival $1.00 / Dish
Curry Coconut Veggie $10.00 / Dish
Jerk Wings/Fries $10.00 / Dish
(Only when truck is On-Site)
Subtotal on category "Paradise Lite" : $
Dish Name Select Quantity Price / Dish
Rice & Peas / Steam Rice $5.00 / Dish
Fries $4.00 / Dish
Coleshaw $3.00 / Dish
Ital Stew $12.00 / Dish
Pantain $4.00 / Dish
Bammy $4.00 / Dish
Yard Poutine $10.00 / Dish
Subtotal on category "Sides" : $
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GST (5%) : $
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TOLL FREE: 1-888-605-0488